Guitarist Bridget Mermikides

Bridget’s accomplishments are various and include studying at the Royal Academy of Music, Los Angeles Music Academy, playing in all female blues band The Rogue Dolls and being given the task of teaching TV personality Bill Oddie how to play the electric guitar in six months!


What inspired you to become a guitarist?

At age 13 I heard John Williams play classical guitar and at the same time I was big into the Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin etc. so I have loved both classical and electric guitar for as long as I can remember.

Who are your favourite artists?

Too many to list!

What do you most enjoy about playing in a live wedding band?

It’s the privilege of playing with such fantastic musicians combined with the pleasure of seeing the wedding guests dancing and having a great time.

Can you give us a brief overview of your performing experience and background?

I studied classical guitar at the Royal Academy of Music and electric guitar at Los Angeles Music Academy. I’ve played in both pop and classical groups for many years.

Can you give us an insight into what it was like playing at Glastonbury with the Rogue Dolls?

Muddy but fun!

Have you worked with any well-known artists?

I’ve been lucky enough to perform with my classical guitar hero John Williams and also flamenco guitarist Paco Pena. I used to play in a party band with Sam Brown as lead singer and occasionally Steve Winwood performed with us.

What do you personally give to the live wedding band experience?

Funky guitar playing, enthusiasm, appreciation of the gig and a large variety of guitar effects pedals 🙂

What’s it like being part of a wedding celebration?

It’s an honour to be part of someone’s special day, seeing a lovely bride and groom, and everyone all dressed up. It’s a special event and people are up for having a good time so those who may not normally get up and dance totally get their groove on! It’s very entertaining.

What’s the feedback been like from previous clients and guests?

The feedback is fantastic. People love the band and always tell us at the end how much they enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite song to play?

There are so many… I love playing the Michael Jackson tunes.


For more information, please visit Bridget’s website or watch her in action below.



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