What do we cost?

These prices are offered as a guide. Prices will vary according to a number of factors, including performance time and distance from London. But hopefully it will give you an idea of how much we might cost.

Funky Five
from £1630
Slick Six
from £1820
Slick Singing Six
from £1820
Super Seven
from £2010
Full Eight
from £2200

To add MC Sean Sutherland to any of our combinations, prices start from an additional £180.

Jazz combos

Our jazz ensembles also come in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Fees start from £180 for a pianist or cocktail singer to £680 for a jazz quartet.

Classical Guitar

The fee for our classical guitarist starts at £250


Our final quotes for the band include: 120 minutes of live music, Full PA and lighting for the band, travel expenses, accommodation if necessary, a special first dance request, music between sets, the use of a microphone for speeches and we don’t currently charge VAT.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.