3. What Kind Of Band Will Suit Your Event?

FromĀ 10 Top Tips for Booking a Wedding and Party Band: What You Need To Know by Em Peasgood, Bandleader

Not all bands are suitable for performing at weddings and parties. For example, a pub band have a different audience rapport and often specialise in performing one genre, with less emphasis on dress code and playing times. A wedding and party band will understand that strict timing and good presentation are essential to the smooth running of your event.

It is important that you choose a band that have a set list to please your entire audience. The typical wedding and party audience ranges from aged 5 – 80 so look for a band that covers a wide range of material including 60’s – 00’s, disco, rock, pop and soul music.

Written by Abnormally Funky and Em Peasgood, 2011

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