5. Professional or Part Time Musicians?

FromĀ 10 Top Tips for Booking a Wedding and Party Band: What You Need To Know by Em Peasgood, Bandleader

I write this tip as many of my clients have been let down by amateur and part-time bands. Some part-time musicians are highly trained and have a professional attitude towards bookings, and some aren’t. There are many bands who perform as a hobby and have day jobs; performing once a month for pocket money. These bands simply cannot be as good as a full time professional band as they do not dedicate all their time to music and performing. They may also be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

A professional band will understand the importance of your event, arrive on time, perform great material to a high standard and present themselves well.

I have been contacted on several occasions by upset clients whose band have either not shown up on their wedding day, or cancelled a week beforehand because of day-job commitments.

Always check a bands credentials and experience before booking.

Written by Abnormally Funky and Em Peasgood, 2011

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