4. Is Your Band Suitable For Your Venue?

FromĀ 10 Top Tips for Booking a Wedding and Party Band: What You Need To Know by Em Peasgood, Bandleader

Venues often have requirements for the performance of live music. Some require the band to have Public Liability Insurance, a PAT Test (Electrical Safety) and even Risk Assessment Statements. Make sure your band have these in place and are able to discuss these requirements with your venue.

Venues are increasingly installing sound limiters to protect the hearing of staff and keep local residents happy. Sound limiters cut off music if it is too loud so it is is important that your band are familiar with limiters and are able to adjust to their restrictions.

You may also have a limited performance space, so ask your band how much space they require.

Written by Abnormally Funky and Em Peasgood, 2011

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