6. Should You See The Band Live Before Booking?

From 10 Top Tips for Booking a Wedding and Party Band: What You Need To Know by Em Peasgood, Bandleader

Clients often ask if they can see Abnormally Funky perform live. This is a very conflicting topic as many magazines and online publications say live viewing is compulsory before booking a band. For a bandleader live viewing is difficult.

The reason why? We only perform at private weddings, parties and events. We don’t rehearse regularly as we have been performing together for 7 years, read music and simply don’t need a weekly rehearsal.

Some bands hold quarterly showcases for clients to attend but this can be expensive for a band.

If your band have great credentials and experience but you are still wary of booking them, my advise is to ask them for contact details of previous clients. As a bandleader, I am happy to do this and have plenty of willing clients who happy to say lovely things about us.

Additionally, some bands have a live video of themselves in performance. You can view ours here.

Written by Abnormally Funky and Em Peasgood, 2011

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